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Online Shopping Behavior Questionnaire
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Hi All,
We are here to discuss about your online shopping experience and behavior.
Thanks for help for fill up the following questionnaires.
Those can help me to improve my projects for my business case.
1*    Do you shop online?
Yes No
If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 13.
2    Would you buy any filter (camera accessories) online?
Yes No
If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 4.
3    What band of the filter (camera accessories) would you mostly like to buy?
Hoya B+W MARUMI Nisi Other
4    Do you think you will take online reviews to point of purchase?
Yes No
5    Overall, were you satisfied with your experience of online shopping?
Yes No Can't Say
6    In online Shopping delivery of goods is more convenient or not?
Yes No
7    What factors attract you to do the online shopping? (Select top 2 factors)
Save time
Avoided hassles of shopping in store
Easy pf Purchase through online
Superior selection/ availability
8    What products would you mostly like to shop or you always shop online? (Select top 2 factors)
Books, Music & Movies
Clothing & Accessories
Computer & Office Things
Electronics / Electrical Product
Food & Household
Health & Beauty Supplements
Kids & Toys Things
Sports & Fitness Pieces
Tools & Automotive
9    What website would you usually do the online shopping on?
e.g. Others, please specify please specify:
10    What according to you is most alarming barrier to purchase online? (Select top 2 factors)
Worry about giving the credit card number.
Like to see the product in personal before buy it
The process is expensive due to access
Insecurity & net connectivity trouble
11    On an average how much time you spend on surfing the shopping web per week?
0-5Hrs 6-10Hrs
11-15Hrs 16-20Hrs
More than 20Hrs
12*    How much do you usually spend on online shopping each month? (NZ$)
Below $100 $101 ~ $500
$501 ~ $1,000 $1,001 ~ $3,000
prefer not to say
13*    What age group do you belong to
18 or below 19 ~ 28
29 ~ 38 39 ~ 48
49 ~ 58 58 or about
prefer not to say
14*    What is your income per week please? (NZ$)
Below $300 $301 ~ $600
$601 ~ $900 $901 ~ $1,200
$1,201 ~ $1,500 $1,501 or about
Prefer not to say

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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