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For Bed Humpers - Male masturbation
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survey for guys who are practicing bed humping (prone masturbation)
1*    How old are you?
2*    How frequently do you masturbate to orgasm?
1. once a day
2. 2-3 times a day
3. more than 3 times, daily
4. few times (2-4x) a week
5. occassionally (less than once a week)
3*    What surface do you like to rub your penis against?
e.g. other:
1. penis against bed, sheets, bedcovers, mattress
2. pillows
3. couch
4. edge/side of a furniture, e.g bed
5. floor
6. other objects, toys, fluffy animals
7. inflatable objects, balloons, balls, etc
8. your hands under you, laying on stomach please specify:
4*    What describes the best your erection status during masturbation?
1. starting masturbation with flaccid penis, ended with hard penis
2. hard all the time of the masturbation
3. flaccid from the beginning till the end
4. semi-erected most of the time
5*    What is the position of your penis during masturbation?
1. penis head (glans) pointing up towards my head
2. penis bending downward, glans pointing towards the toes
3. penis bending diagonal (to one side) under me, between the tights and belly
6    How do you feel about your masturbation methode?
1. humping (prone) masturbation is better than sex, or hand stroke, i can't cum by jerking off with hands
2. humping masturbation is fun, perhaps better than any other forms of masturbation, i enjoy sex more though
3. humping is equally fun as jerking off by hangs, i use it alternatively
4. i was never be able to cum only just by bed humping
7*    When you masturbating, do you cum by bed humping?
1. yes, always, i blow my load under me
2. sometimes i cannot hold back, but i rather turn over, flip onto my back, and cum on my belly
3. i always flip over when im cumming
8*    Have you ever experineced delayed orgasm or any sexual dysfunction during sex?
1. never, i enjoy sex as well
2. sometimes it is difficult to get or stay hard, or sometimes i cant ejaculate
3. i dont feel anything with my penis, i have to turn on my stomach and rubbing my dick against something to get orgasm
9*    Would you recommend your masturbation methode to some else?
1. yes, it is the most pleasurable way to get off, everyone should try it
2. i think, im very unique with this technique, i enjoy it a lot, but i dont think it is good for everyone
3. i think it is weird, i feel shame to talk about it
4. i heard, it can be dangerous, i wanna quit
10*    How long is your avarage masturbation session?
1. less than 5 min
2. between 5-10min
3. between 10-20min, i can control when i want to cum
4. i love to edging, sometimes more than 30min
5. i am doing it for 1 hours or more, with multiple edging and or multiply orgamss
11*    Do you get aroused wtaching other guys get off by bed humping?
1. yes, i love surfing and watching bed humping vids from other guys
2. i want huump with a buddy side to side on a bed
3. it is neutral for me
4. i am absolutely not interested watching other guys get off by bed humping
12*    do you know anyone in person who is masturbationg like you?
1. yes, some of my friends do
2. i heard about someone elso, but i dont know him personally
3. i ve never someone else practicing bed humping like me
13    would you like to chat about your masturbation with other bed humpers?
1. sure, i would love to share techniques and tips
1. no, it is my privacy, i am not interested

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