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Best Practices Adopted in Academic Libraries of India: A Study
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Kindly, spare your valuable time of 10-15 minutes in filling the online Questionnaire pertaining to the research work, Kindly, fill the questionnaire to help me in completing my research work
1*    Name of the Institute
2*    Name of the Respondent
3*    Designation
4*    Qualifications
5*    Experience
6    Library Timings
7*    Total Professional Staff in the Library
8*    Which Software is used for Library Automation in your Library?
9*    Are Readerís Tickets issued to the users in your Automated Library System? Yes/No
10    If No in Q. 9, how do you take the signature of users against the issued books?
11*    How many books can Students(UG) borrow from your library?
12*    How many books can Students(PG) borrow from your library?
13*    How many books can Researchers borrow from your library?
14*    How many books can Faculty borrow from your library?
15*    What is loan period of issued books for Students,Researchers and Faculty.
16*    What is overdue fine for Students,Researchers and Faculty.
Does your library adopt the following practices? Yes/No/ No & Plan to Implement
Yes No Plan to Implement
17*Activity Calendar of Library
18*Library Orientation Program for New Users
19*Demand/Recommendation Register for Users
20*Book Exhibitions
21*New Arrivals Display
22*Tables of Content Services
23*Newspaper Clippings
24*Suggestions box
25*Timely Response/Implementation of Suggestions
26*Print Manuals on how to use Library Resources
27*Library Information Brochure
28*Reprography facility within Library
29*Best Library User Award
30*Compilation of Bibliography for Users
31*Library Membership for External Users.
32    If yes to Q. 31
specify the rules for same
33*    Extra Cards Facility.
Yes No
Plan to Implement
34    If yes to Q. 33
specify the rules for same
35*    Any Special Services to Visually Handicapped Users. Please specify the services
Yes No
Plan to Implement
36    If yes to Q 35. Please specify the services
37*    Any Special Services to Handicapped Users. If yes, Please specify the services
Yes No
Plan to Implement
38    If yes to Q 37. Please specify the services
Yes No Plan to Implement
39*Creativity Corner
40*Extended Library Opening Hours during Examinations
41*Career Notifications
42*Inter Library Loan
43*Online Public Access Catalogue
44*Online Public Access Catalogue (Outside campus)
45*Library Homepage for Information Dissemination
46*Library Blog
47*Training Program for Electronic Resources/Databases
48*Book Talk Program
49*Open Access System
50*Competitive Exam Books Information Section
51*Must Read
52*SMS facility for the excellence in library services.
e.g. a) New Arrivals b) Reminders
53    If Yes to Q 52.Please specify the services
54*    Do you use E-mail facilities for the excellence in library services.If yes, Please specify the services .
e.g. a) New Arrivals b) Reminders
Yes No
Plan to Implement
55    If Yes to Q 54.Please specify the services
56    Any other best practices adopted by you which are not mentioned above

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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