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Cycling Helmet Questionnaire
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Cycling in Hong Kong has gotten more public attention in recent years. At the same time, we also found that the number of casualties on bicycles has increased. Thus, we found the market gap for introduce the high technology and safer cycling helmet in Hong Kong market. The questionnaire is designed for better understanding the market of cycling helmets in Hong Kong.
Before answering the questionnaire, please watch the video at the following hyperlink:
1*    Are you used to wearing a cycling helmet when cycling?
Yes No
2    Which brand of cycling helmet would you be used to wear?
e.g. Others
GIRO 7 Kask 8 Bell
Others please specify:
3*    How would you usually buy the cycling helmet?
Online shopping Physical store
4*    What is your main consideration for buying a cycling helmet?
e.g. Others
Selling price Quality
Safety Brand
Others please specify:
5*    How much do you usually buy a cycling helmet?
Under $500 $501-$1,000
$1,001-$1,500 Over $1,500
6*    How often would you buy a new cycling helmet?
Within 3 months Within half of year
Within 1 year Above 1 Year
7*    How would you get the information about cycling helmet?
e.g. Others
Social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)
Cycling forums (e.g.
Cycling magazine (e.g. Cycling Update)
Official website of different brands
Others please specify:
8*    Would you buy a advanced technology and safer cycling helmet?
Yes No
If your answer is 'Yes ', please jump to question 9.
If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 10.
9    How much would you be willing to pay for a advanced technology and safer cycling helmet?
$2,000- $2,999 $3,000- $3,999
$4,000- $4,999 $5,000 or more
10    Why do you NOT buy a advanced technology and safer cycling helmet?
e.g. Others
Too expensive
Lack of confidence
Lack of recognition
Satisfaction on traditional cycling helmets
Others please specify:
11*    After watching the video of Hovding, would you share to others?
Yes No

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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