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--Personal views on the bottled water (Generated by rformSurvey)
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Personal views on the bottled water
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Dear, we would like you to know about your opinion on bottled water and the relative brand, we hope that you can spend 30 seconds helping us to complete this questionnaire.Thanks a lot.
1*    How often do you buy bottled water?
more than 1 per day once every day
4-5 times a week 2-3 times a week
4-5 times a month 4-5 times a year
2*    Which aspect do you think most important when you buy that bottled water?
nutrition price:cheap
price:expensive convenient to buy
others please specify:
3*    Have you ever bought Bonaqua?
yes maybe no
4*    If you know a bottled water brand have an environmental friendly design,will you tend to buy it?
yes maybe no
5*    What type of promotion will encourage you to select a bottled water brand?
buy 1 get 1 free
collect stickers to change gift
for charitable support
others please specify:

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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