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The purpose of this research is to explore customerís motivations to pay to download music online, with your responses forming part of my findings and analysis within my research report. This questionnaire should take 5-10 minutes to complete and you can be assured that your responses will be kept confidential.
1*    What is your gender?
Male Female Other
2*    What is your age?
18-24 25-34 35-44
45-54 65 or older
3*    Which of the following categories best describes your employment status?
Employed, working full time
Employed,working part time
4*    What is your approximate average household income?
Under £11,000 £11,000-£20,000
£21,000-£30,000 £31,000-£40,000
Over £40,000
5*    Have you purchased music on iTunes before?
Yes No
6*    Are you currently using iTunes?
Yes No
7*    On average, how many hours a day do you use iTunes?
8*    How many years and months have you been using iTunes?
e.g. 1 year & 2 months
9*    How many singles have you purchased from iTunes within the last six months?
10*    How many albums have you purchased from iTunes within the last
11*    Within the last six months how much money have you spent on purchasing music from iTunes?
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
12*I find downloading music useful in my daily life
13*Using iTunes helps me accomplish things more quickly
14*Using iTunes to download my my music increases my productivity
15*Learning how to download music online is easy for me
16*My interaction with downloads is clear and understandable
17*I find iTunes easy to use.
18*It's easy for me to become skillful at using Itunes to download music
19*The use of iTunes has become a habit for me
20*Using iTunes is a must
21*Using iTunes and downloading music has become natural to me
22*I am not willing to go to extra effort to find lower prices
23*I will look at more than one to take advantage of low prices
24*The money saved by finding lower prices is usually not worth the time and effort
25*The time it takes to find low prices is usually not worth the effort
26*iTunes is reasonably priced
27*iTunes is good value for money
28*At the current price, Itunes provides good value
29*I often buy something I see in a store,without planning
30*Shopping is a way of relaxing for me
31*When I have money, I cannot help but spend part/whole of it
32*I have often bought something I don't need when I have had very little money
33*I usually buy new products before my friends do
34*I like to try new products when they come on the market
35*When I see a new brand on the shelf I often buy it just to see what it's like
36*I like to try new and different things
37*I often try new brands before my friends and family do
38*Buying music on iTunes gives me a lot of joy and pleasure
39*I feel a certain comfort when buying music from Itunes
40*I am very linked to iTunes
41*I feel attracted to iTunes
42*I trust the downloading service on iTunes
43*I rely on iTunes to download my music
44*iTunes is an honest brand
45*I carefully compare prices before buying items
46*I carefully evaluate most products before I buy them
47*When I buy products, I can usually identify the best available

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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