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Consumer Trust in E-Commerce
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Consumer Trust in E-Commerce
1*    Name:
2*    Gender:
Male Female
3*    Age:
4*    Place:
5*    Educational Qualification:
6*    Monthly Income:
Below 10,000 10,001-25,000
25,001-50,000 50,001-80,000
More than 80,000
7    What type of internet connectivity do you use?
Broadband Pre-Paid Post-Paid Wi-Fi
Any other
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
8I have performed online purchasing.
9I frequently purchased online.
10I have found that the payment system is secure and reliable.
11I have found that the payment options (Credit/Debit card, Cash on delivery, etc.) are easy.
12I have found that the personal details filled by me during order placing is kept confidential.
13The return or refund policy influences my buying decision.
14My purchasing of a product is influenced by the money saving offers.
15My purchasing of a product is influenced by the various brands available.
16I have found that the information of a product disclosed on the website is enough to purchase it.
17I find it easy to select my product out of the various categories available on the website.
18I find it easy to get in touch with the company through e-mail or telephone.
19The reputation of a website influences my buying decision.
20I find online shopping a better option than in-store shopping.
21I know about the Digital India Campaign.
22I have heard about Bhim app (*99#).

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