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Use of English in HK
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This survey is used to research the daily use of English among HongKongers
1*    What is your gender?
Female Male
2    What is your age?
below 20 20-30 30-40 40-50
above 50
3    What is your education level?
Primary Secondary
Post-Secondary University
4    What is your title in work place?
Junior Senior Management
5    What language do you use most in work?
Cantonese English Putonghua Mixed
6    Which area do you use English most in work?
Work desk Pantry
Meeting room customer service
presesntation others
7    Which media do you use English most?
Emails Whatsapp Facismile others
8    Which area do you use English?
Friend chatting
Family communicate
jobs require(e.g customer service)
9    Do you think to speak fluent english is necessary in our daily life?
Yes No
10    Do you think English is an important part of our life?
Yes No

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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