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Oreo cookies survey
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1*    Do you buy Oreo Cookies?
Yes No
2*    How much would you spend in a week for Oreo cookies ?
0 1-20 21-50
more than 50
3*    Would you buy oreo cookies from a shop that only sell cookies ?
Yes No
4    How much will you spend each occasion for buying oreo cookies to friends/relatives ?
0 1-50 50-100
more than 100
5*    What time of the day that you would most likely buying oreo cookies from ?
Afternoon Lunchtime Evening others
6    How often do you give cookies as gift in a year ?
0 1-3 times
3-6 times more than 6 times
7*    In what locations that you would most likely buying cookies from ?
Shopping arcade
Consignment in a Supermarket
Near coffee shop
8*    What's the criteria for selection ?
Good taste Affordable price
Health Convenient location
Many variety Others
9    Which channel do you take for tasting a new brand ?
Friends' word of mouth
Celebrity effect
10*    Select the colour for the logo which you believe is representing 'fresh' 'tasty' & 'health' ?
Yellow Green Blue Pink Red

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