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Should we ‘be ourselves’ in the virtual world? : A research on deception of identity on the interne
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We are a group of students from Hong Kong Baptist University. We are conducting a research on how people build up fake identity or personality on the internet and how it is going to affect us in a personal and social level. Please help us to fill in the questionnaire.
1*    Gender
Male Female
2*    Age
Below 18 18-25 26-35 36-45
above 45
3*    How often do you visit social networking platforms (e.g. forum, Facebook) via the Internet?
Very often Often Sometimes
4*    Do you think the information or post on the social networking platforms is trustworthy?
Yes No
5*    Have you ever heard about the following actions?
(You can choose more than one answer)
Posting photos of overseas places and claiming that you have travelled to that place
Posting fake posts/ Announcing fake events on social media platform
Creating a fake identity
6*    What are the reasons behind of doing these actions? People do these because they:
(You can choose more than one answer)
Lack of confidence
Want to gain reputation
Want to have more friends(on social networking sites)
For fun
Other please specify:
7    What are the right action/actions they/ you should do when posting information online?
(open question)

Questions with '*' sign must be answered


Please note your answers will be open to public.
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