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Cathay Pacificˇ¦s Marketing Strategy Analysis and effectiveness, to fight back the low-cost carrier.
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1*    Gender
Male Female
2*    Age
Below 20 21-30 31-40 41-50
51-60 60 Above
3*    Education Level
Primary High School Diploma
Degree Above
4*    Job Occupation
Building Engineering
Import and Export
Medical Pofessions
Legal Industry
Others please specify:
5*    Marriage
Single Married
6*    No. of Family Members
1-2 3-4 4-5 5-6 7-8
7 Above
7*    The Aim of Travel Oversea?
Business Leisure
Visit Relatives
Others please specify:
8*    Who will you travel with?
Couple Friends Family Alone
9*    How many times would you travel overseas in a year?
Below 3 Times 4-6 Times
7-9 Times 10 Times or Above
10*    Do you have any experience of using Cathay Pacific flight Service?
Yes No
11*    Do you have any experience of using Low-Cost flight Service?
Yes No
12*    What factors would you consider about, when you reserve the flight tickets? (Select 3 options.)
Flight Service(Food and Drinks)
Luggage Charge
Membership Discount
Flight Schedule
Direct Flight/Interchange
Flight Facilities(TV, Seats)
1 2 3 4 5
13*Importance of Below Item(1 is the lowest,5 is the highest)
Brand Reputation
14*Corporate image
15*Flight Accident Record
16*Convenient to get Information
17*Discounted prices
18*Convenient to buy Ticket
19*Flights on schedule
20*Flight Connection is easy
21*Baggage Allowance
22*Emergency contingency measures
23*In-Flight service (Food and Drinks)
24*    Where do you reserve or buy your flight ticket?
Travel Agency Online
Others please specify:
25*    The ways to know flight information/promotion?
Online Research Travel Agency
Advertisement Others
26*    Up to now, do you receive any information about Cathay special offer or promotion?
Yes No
If your answer is 'Yes ', please jump to question 27.
If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 28.
27*    Ways to receive information?
Email Advertising Telemarketing
From your friends Online Research
TV Advertisement Travel Agency
Others: please specify:
28*    As your experience, do you prefer more Low-Cost Carrier or Cathay Pacific?
Low-Cost Carrier Cathay Pacific

Questions with '*' sign must be answered

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