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Nike (relationship among customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and service quality)
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This survey is conducting a research study of Nike as a case to examine about the relationship among customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and service quality. Your feedback regarding this survey is very helpful in the analysis of the abovementioned study.
很差 不好 不錯 極好
1*When you encounter problems, Nike always can be attentive to give answers.
2*Nike can provide appropriate services in the first time.
3*Nike can provide service in due time as same as commitment.
4*Overall, the level of quality reliability.
5*Staff can give you immediate services.
6*Staff are always willing to assist you.
7*Staff never ignore your request even they are busy.
8*Overall, the level of quality responsiveness.
9*Employees can always make you feel confident about their behavior.
10*I feel good when shopping in Nike retail stores.
11*Staff always polite to the customers.
12*Staff always can solve your problems.
13*Overall, the level of quality assurance.
14*Nike can give you individual attention.
15*Nike makes you to feel convenient about business hours.
16*Employees can understand your specified requirements.
17*Overall, the level of quality empathy.
18*Design of store gives a visual appeal.
19*Employees have the suitable clothes and grooming.
20*Store decoration match with the characteristic of sneaker store.
21*All relevant information of Nike have visually appealing, for example, website and poster.
22*Overall, the level of quality tangibles.
23*It is worth to buy Nike products.
24*My expectation of Nike were met.
25*I am satisfied with Nike product.
26*I am satisfied with Nike service representatives on retail store.
27*Overall, the level of Nike satisfaction.
28*I highly recommend Nike products to other people.
29*I will encourage friends and relatives to buy Nike products.
30*I would intend to continue buying Nike products.
31*I have a strong preference for Nike service.
32*I will consider Nike as my preferred brand.
33*Overall, the level of customer loyalty.
34*    Gender
35*    Age
<20 20 -30 31-40 41-50 51-60
36*    Monthly Income
< $ 10,000 $ 10,000 - $ 20,000
$ 20,001 - $ 30,000 $ 30,001 - $ 40,000
> $ 40,000
37*    Occupation
White-collar people
Blue-collar people
Retired/non incumbent
38*    Education Level
小學 中學 高中 大學 研究生

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