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The affect of healthy culture among teenagers' diet habit
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1*    Sexual
Male Female
2*    Aged
16-20 21-25 26-30
3*    Do you think healthy diet is meant to you?
Yes No
4*    How many meal(s) do you have in a day?
1 2 3 4 5
5*    How many time you will spend on eating?
0-30 31-60 61-90 91-120
6*    Do you have lunch as usual?
Yes No
7*    You will have lunch in which way?
Homemade Buy from outside
If your answer is 'Homemade ', please jump to question 8.
If your answer is 'Buy from outside', please jump to question 9.
8    Reason for homemade lunchbox (option)
More healthy Save money
If you choose "buy from outside", please jump to 9
If your answer is 'Null', please jump to question 9.
9    Reason for buy from outside.(option)
Save time More choices
More delicious
If you choose "homemade", please jump to 10
If your answer is 'Null', please jump to question 10.
10*    Which category of restaurant is your first priority?
Fast food Western restaurant
Snack Chinese restaurant
Takeaway shop
11*    Which one is the factor of choosing food when you buy the meal?
Calories Taste Fats Price
12*    Do you care about Calories when you eating?
Yes No
13*    Which way you will choose to cook meal?
Steam Fried Saute
Water boiled Baked
14*    How often you will choose this cooking method?
0-5 6-11 12-17 18-23
15*    Which one is your favourite favor?
Salty Sweenten
Spicy Sour
Light seasonings
16*    Are you a picky person?
Yes No
If your answer is 'No', please jump to question 18.
17    Which kind of food you are picky to eat?
Meat Vegetable Snack
Fish Dairy product
If you choose "No" at Q16, please jump to 18
If your answer is 'Null', please jump to question 18.
Yes No
18*Are your diet habit with large amount of vegetable and small amount of meat?
19*Do you drink 8 cups of water a day?
20*Will you start to comply healthy diet habit?

Questions with '*' sign must be answered

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