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Up One Level Psychology  Paper
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Expired Tint preference and aggressive behavior
   This is a simple correlational survey attempting to link tint preference with a tendency towards aggressive behavior. It should take -- at most -- just three minutes of your time.

It consist...
exovark 164   Feb-14-2004 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired An investigation of work values among university students in Hong Kong
   Dear respondent,

I am a final year student of Human Resources Management (BBA Hons) in Hong Kong Baptist University. I am now conducting a survey aims at investigating the relationship bet...
pingu11 100   Jan-24-2004 - View Results
Expired Attitude towards love and romance
   We are doing a survey on the attitude towards love and romance.
It takes you only few minutes!
money_love 134   Nov-12-2003 - View Results
Expired Motivation in Cyberspace
   Thanks for participating in completing the survey, which is important to our Psychology project. Please answer the following questions truthfully.
coolproject 80   Nov-05-2003 - View Results
Expired 有關男女對自己外表的滿意度
我們是理工大學應用社會科學系主修社會工作學位的學生,現在正進行一項有關男女對自己外表的滿意度及他們對減肥、瘦即是美這些觀點的看法的相異之處的調查。我們向 閣下保證,你們所提供的個人...
cwwong 247   Oct-28-2003 - View Results
Expired 占星學(星座)問卷調查 mavisli 84   Oct-17-2003 - View Results
Expired Male Masturbation Survey

This survey is completely anonymous, so please be honest....
xyjuice 514   Jul-23-2003 - View Results
Expired Road map to unlocking creativity at work place.
   Thank You for helping us win the first round of the Ntpc Open Competition for Executive Talent.Please let us help the organisation structure the Road map to creativity based on your input.
sundash 77   Jul-13-2003 - View Results
Expired Creativity At Work Place 2003
   Please help us to assess your feelings towards creativity at your workplace.
sande 168   Jun-25-2003 - View Results
Expired FOOT MASSAGE - 腳底按摩服務
   Thank you for participating in this survey. In the recent year, massage treatment services are getting popular, different kinds of massage could provide certain functional benefits. Therefore, we...
mrfootmassage 161   May-29-2003 - View Results
Expired Attitudes Toward Sex and Aggression
   We are students from HKBU CIE and we are conducting a survey with relationship between gender and culture on sex and aggression. The collected data for academic use only and will be kept confidenti...
tifftse 93   May-05-2003 - View Results
Expired Survey on attitude of teenagers towards horoscope
   We are students from Taylors College, and are now working on a research about teenagers' attitude towards horoscope.
Please do spend a few minutes with us to complete the following questionnaire...
geminian522 116   Apr-24-2003 - View Results
Expired Brand preference and intention
   We all are psychology major students in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are doing a project for the course "Applied Psychology in Business" about consumer behaviour. Thank you for helping u...
foot 135   Mar-17-2003 - View Results
Expired NUS Student's Perception of the Self In Relation to Academic Achievement
   We are conducting this survey as part of our project for HRM. Kindly complete this short questionaire by 14 March. We appreciate your time and effort spent. Thank you.
peishan 108   Mar-07-2003 - View Results
Expired Self-Evaluation
   At the end of a program, it is important for each of us to spend a little time reflecting if anything has been learned and give suggestions or comments so that future learning programs could be mor...
sac2002 527   Sep-26-2002 - View Results
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