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Up One Level Business & Economy  Paper
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Expired ***~ 吉之島(Jusco Store) 客戶市場調查 ~***
   We are a group of Final Year student from IVE (Chai Wan)undergoing a final project on Jusco Store.

We are now collecting your shopping behaviour and opinion.

The results are one of th...
ive_group26 108   Jan-22-2003 - View Results
Expired Hospitality Research UK
   It has emerged that one of the reasons hotel and catering companies are not as profitable as the turnover of moneys and custom would suggest is because of the cost control mutually exerted on funda...
stephenwales 5   Jan-17-2003 - View Results
Expired Marketing Research for a cafe
   Happy new year!
We are Hera Lo and Jennifer Li. We are two university students working on a business plan for a competition. Our plan is to open a café characterized by chocolate food and...
pherfer15 151   Jan-03-2003 - View Results
Expired *~A Survey of Ocean Park~*
   We are form six students from David Li Kwok Po College and we are doing an Economic project.You are invited to fill in the questionnaire about the Ocean Park.

The results are one of the most...
stpccw 75   Jan-02-2003 - View Results
Questionnaire Retail Supervisor Evaluation Survey
   In an effort to continuously improve our individual and team performance, we are asking you for your honest and sincere input regarding our management effectiveness. Just as you are evaluated and ...
morlockd 45   Dec-10-2002 - -
Expired Auditors’ responsibilities ----- A study on Enron’s Case
   We are accounting students in Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Chai Wan). We are going to do a project about the Enron case. In this case, Enron Corp. and Arthur Andersen LLP were colla...
applelok 116   Dec-08-2002 - View Results
Expired Do you like pancakes?
   This questionnaire is used for my project, please spend several minutes to finish it!
z504714 127   Nov-24-2002 - View Results
Expired Qoo's Marketing Survey
   You know how much about Qoo's?
It is the test about you on Qoo's.
s027141 147   Nov-23-2002 - View Results
Expired the McDonald's -- Do you visit it?
   please spare some time and fill in the questionnaire on McDonald's for a group of HKU Year 1 student who are working on their marketing project~ really thx so much ^^
mcdonalds 107   Nov-17-2002 - View Results
Expired Fuqua's Elite Eight Survey
   Thanks for taking the time to fill this out!
seanmaurer 100   Nov-08-2002 - View Results
Expired Polling cityucool 111   Oct-31-2002 - View Results
   In an effort to continuously improve our individual and team performance, we are asking you for your honest and sincere input regarding our management effectiveness. Just as you are evaluated and ...
morlockd 39   Oct-26-2002 - View Results
Expired Marketing Research on the packaging of branded name products (Drinks)
   We are a team from Lingnan University and we are now going to carry out a survey in order to complete the project of our Marketing Management Course.

As all of your opinions are very valuab...
jayleung 92   Oct-17-2002 - View Results
Expired Makeup For Men
   THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IS FOR MEN ONLY TO FILL. This questionnaire is made to find out what men feels about make-up.
true_sinner81 111   Oct-11-2002 - View Results
Expired Legislated Holidays in Alberta/Canada
   Canadians have two (2) weeks of legislated holidays. Europeans have five (5) weeks of legislated holidays. Do Canadians want need/want more vacation?
joewickee 89   Aug-29-2002 - View Results
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