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Expired Questionnaire E-banking service
   Please take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Thank you very much. The objective of this survey is to collect the opinion of the public to e-banking service. Your answer will only be...
e_banking 159   Jan-17-2003 - View Results
Expired Net Café mcs5b_english 116   Jan-02-2003 - View Results
Expired Research on Biometrics Identification
   We are the students from Multimedia University. We are carrying out a research about Biometrics Identification. We would greatly appreciate it if you can answer a few simple questions. The informat...
fredericksum 100   Jan-01-2003 - View Results
Expired The Dark-Side of Computer Security
   This questionnaires is prepared by a project group of TPR2111 from MMU. The purpose of this questionnaires is to do a research on the awareness of the computer security from public. The result will...
thchee26 105   Dec-31-2002 - View Results
Expired Computer and Internet Usage Throughout the World
   This is a questionnaire about computer and internet usage throughout the world. This will be used as part of a GCSE Statistics Coursework, so I would be grateful if you could fill it in.
the_village_idiot675 89   Dec-09-2002 - View Results
Expired Shopping online
   We are a group of Hong Kong Polytechnic University students currently working on a project about shopping on the Internet. The purpose is to find out what elements are important for a shopping webs...
polo 111   Nov-06-2002 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire investigating non-ownership of a mobile phone.
   We are researchers from London Metropolitan University and Brunel University, UK. We are very interested in hearing opinions from people who do not own a mobile phone. If you are one of them, pleas...
mobresearch 7   Oct-23-2002 - View Results
Expired A survey into mobile phone users' satisfaction and preferences.
   We are researchers from London Metropolitan University and Brunel University, UK. We are conducting research into users' mobile phone personal preferences and satisfaction levels. We would be very ...
mobresearch 18   Oct-23-2002 - View Results
Expired Digital Camera
   This is going to collect your opinions about ditigal camera and its web-promotion. Please spend a minute on filling it. Thanks very much for your help.
digital_image 77   Oct-22-2002 - View Results
Expired Intelligent Agents
   This questionnaire purports to accumulate information on the internet users' awareness about intelligent agents. The information will be useful in the context of a PhD thesis on the subject. If you...
christiana25 158   Sep-08-2002 - View Results
Expired Web Design Score sac2002 87   Aug-27-2002 Marking Scheme View Results
Expired MMORPG Communities
   This is a breif academic study of communication between people that play Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games.
putergeek73 404   Aug-19-2002 - View Results
Questionnaire New Web-based email Facility
toddroutt 16   Aug-19-2002 - -
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