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Up One Level Science  Paper
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Questionnaire test1 makeithome 0   May-10-2013 - -
Expired Iteration process for research purpose
   Dear respondent,

Thank you for your willingness to participate in filling out this questionnaire. The questionnaire was made ​​by Tandika Marcel, a student of Master of Construct...
marceltandika 21   May-06-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire Administrador Del Sistema webgrado4079 17   May-02-2013 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Plastic Surgery in Hong Kong
   We are Year One students in Hong Kong Community College. We are now conducting a survey about plastic surgery in Hong Kong. We are interested in finding out what you think and how you understand ab...
estherlaiannie 30   Apr-08-2013 - View Results
Expired Questionnaire on Smartphone
   Nowadays, for many people, smartphones play an important role in their daily lives. For that reason, we are interested in finding out how smartphones do influence on your living styles. This questi...
maxene1234 2   Apr-08-2013 - View Results
Expired Survey of the Use of Nuclear Energy
   In order to understand the reasons behind the advocate and the opposite sides towards the adoption of nuclear energy, we are grateful for your devotion and time to join us. Please provide us with a...
nuclearfyp 1   Mar-14-2013 - View Results
Expired What are main common building defects on the building of public sector in Hong Kong
   I am a Final Year student studying the programme of BSc (Hons) in Construction Management in the University of Wolverhampton. I am currently doing my dissertation research project ...
mathewchau 35   Mar-13-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire LR verifidvisa4081 21   Mar-04-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire LR webgrade2087 11   Feb-26-2013 - View Results
Expired Survey on a new generation of mobile handset targeting the teenagers ive2190907 18   Feb-23-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire Escritorio webgrade2019 9   Feb-08-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire W webgrade2017 57   Feb-04-2013 - View Results
Expired A Study of Construction Safety Applications in BIM for HK Civil Engineering and Building Industry
   Aim: To conduct a survey on safety professionals including safety officers and assistance safety officers of Hong Kong Construction Industry for investigating safety applications and types of funct...
longychan8 31   Jan-30-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire Verified by Visacards verifiedvisa 17   Jan-07-2013 - View Results
Questionnaire System Administrator wedgrade2031 2   Nov-14-2012 - View Results
Questionnaire Administrateur webgrade4075 41   Oct-08-2012 - View Results
Expired Is Scalabrine leading the Bulls to the NBA 2013 champion
   Is Bulls winning?
handsome_mrlee 4   Sep-21-2012 - View Results
Expired Survey on promoting green energy to the MTR
   This survey aims to find opinions of the public about if the MTR should use more renewable energy.
flutterofwind 2   Jun-16-2012 - View Results
Expired Should nuclear energy be used in the world?
   I am a G11 student studying in Diocesan BoysíŽ School. I am now working on a survey concerning the impacts of using nuclear energy in the world. Please kindly spend a minute to fill in this questio...
victor777999 82   Jun-01-2012 - View Results
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