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Questionnaire for the use of mobile phone (just do it!!)
Author: fishballyuen
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Hello everyone ,I and my group member are student from IVE CAPMUS in HONGKONG and we are doing a survey on the use of mobile phone. We are now wholeheartedly invite you to take part in our survey. Please answer the following questions as much as possible , you are most welcomed.
The data would only be used in education purpose.
"Your privacy is the top piority"

LEO & TONY '3/02
Habit of using mobile phone
1*    How long have you been using mobile phone?
2*    What are your reasons for using mobile phone?
\just talk on it\
\Use GPRS function\
\receive email & SMS\
\download screensaver & songs\
\others (please specify) please specify:
3*    Do you think prolonged use (use under long period) of mobile phone would cause health problem e.g.cancer
yes\ \no\ \no comment
Choice of mobile phone
4*    What brand of mobile phone are you using now?(you can tick more than one option)
\Others (please specify) please specify:
5*    Please also write your model of phone
(use ","to seperate if you have more than one phone)
e.g. V70,8310,6688,9@9
6*    Why do you choose this model? (You can tick more than one option)
\size and weight\
\others (please specify) please specify:
7*    How often you change your mobile phone model?
less than 6 months\
\7-12 months\
\more than 1 year
8*    How many mobile phone(s) do your family have?
1\ \2\ \3\
\4\ \more than 4
Question about mobile phone network
9*    Which mobile phone network are you using now?(only for HK citizens)
\New World Telecom\
\Smart Tone\
\One Two Free\
\others (please specify) please specify:
10*    How much air time do you spend each month on the phone?
less than 100 minutes\
\100-299 minutes\
\300-499 minutes\
\more than 500 minutes
11*    Are you saitsfied with the overall performance your mobile phone provider?(please enter 1 for very unsatisfied while 5 for very satisfied
12*    What causes you to change your current mobile phone provider?
Phone assessories
13*    What phone accessaries do you have (you can choose more than one option(s)
\MP3 plug-in\
\computer ringing tone editor\
\modify appearance e.g change the color of light\
\others (please specify) please specify:
14*    How much money do you spend on these products each month?(in HKD)(just for HK citizen)
less than $100\ \$100-$199\
\$200-$299\ \$300-$399\
\$400-$499\ \over $500
Some basic information about you
15    Your gender
Male\ \Female
16    Your age
17    Your occupation
18    Your country
19    Your education level
Primary\ \Secondary\
\High School\ \University\

Questions with '*' sign must be answered