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Test your typing speed!
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It is a test of typing.
Try your best to input the words in question.
Start now! Type the following words.
1    INPUT 'qwertzxcvb'
2    INPUT 'yello white various interesting'
3    INPUT 'jason kidds jordon oneal bryant'
4    INPUT 'what is your name how old are you'
5    INPUT 'consoldidation ordinance'
6    INPUT 'lady and gentlement richard susan'
7    INPUT 'pollution water air food'
8    INPUT 'face to face age to age'
9    INPUT '135792468035423'
10    INPUT 'terence seamas ricky'
11    INPUT 'hello good morning good afternoon'
12    INPUT 'the landlord and tenant'
13    INPUT 'my3q is a free survey site'
14    INPUT '1233890854209324014309432'
15    INPUT 'provisions in part ii of the ordinance'
16    INPUT 'pig cat animal poor rich hat het'
17    INPUT '7x7=49+1-1'
18    INPUT 'hello kitty nose bigger balls'
19    INPUT 'ssflsafopiewqrlkfahsadsfhlkljdsa'
20    INPUT 'danger dangerous happy happiness'
21    INPUT 'poiuylkjhgmnbvcxz'
22    INPUT 'can you tell me about my3q site'

Questions with '*' sign must be answered