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Test your typing speed!
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It is a test of typing.
Try your best to input the words in question.
Start now! Type the following words.
1    INPUT 'the landlord and tenant'
2    INPUT 'what is your name how old are you'
3    INPUT 'pig cat animal poor rich hat het'
4    INPUT 'hello kitty nose bigger balls'
5    INPUT 'danger dangerous happy happiness'
6    INPUT '135792468035423'
7    INPUT 'jason kidds jordon oneal bryant'
8    INPUT 'face to face age to age'
9    INPUT 'provisions in part ii of the ordinance'
10    INPUT 'ssflsafopiewqrlkfahsadsfhlkljdsa'
11    INPUT 'can you tell me about my3q site'
12    INPUT 'lady and gentlement richard susan'
13    INPUT 'qwertzxcvb'
14    INPUT '7x7=49+1-1'
15    INPUT 'poiuylkjhgmnbvcxz'
16    INPUT 'pollution water air food'
17    INPUT 'my3q is a free survey site'
18    INPUT 'yello white various interesting'
19    INPUT 'consoldidation ordinance'
20    INPUT '1233890854209324014309432'
21    INPUT 'terence seamas ricky'
22    INPUT 'hello good morning good afternoon'

Questions with '*' sign must be answered